When: August 9-11 2019

Where: Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400 Copenhagen NW., Denmark

What: The bookfair consist of distros from anarchist and similar projects, hang out spaces for adults and kids as well as vegan food, music and exhibitions. There will also be talks and workshops. This year the focus will be on anarchist views on current struggles as well as suggestions for solutions based on both theory and praxis.

Why: As the world is changing, we need spaces to meet each other in person. We want to inspire and be inspired, share our knowledge and experiences, create a space for learning and development of ideas, cultivate solidarity across struggles and meet both old friends and new ones. We want to strengthen the communities and alliances that already exists, and we want to use the bookfair as nourishment to grow new ones.

Who: The Anarchist Bookfair Copenhagen 2019 is an open space for anarchists and people interested in Anarchism.

Organizer: FAB: Forenede Anarkistiske Bogcaféer (United Anarchist Bookcafées of Copenhagen). FAB consist of Bogcaféen Halmtorvet and Bogcaféen Barrikaden.