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ABC København:
“Anarchist Black Cross Copenhagen is an anarchist rights- and solidarity group for comrades who are experiencing problems with police, prison or justice system in relation to political activities. We fight for release of all political prisoners and prison abolition. We support detained and imprisoned comrades both practically and solidarically and we are present at domestic and international actions and demonstrations.”

Amalthea Bokkafé:
“Amalthea book cafe is a bookshop and meeting point. We’re a part of the extra-parliamentary left of Malmö, and want to offer a place for conversation, education and culture. We’re autonomous from political parties”.

Antifascistisk Aktion:
“For more than twenty years we have been active in the fight against racism and Nazism. Through actions, protestes, campaigns, prevention, websites and concerts, we have helped creating an anti-fascist culture and movement.”

Antifascistiske Unge:
From the political foundation of the AFU, RA and AFA’s joint May 1st Demonstration 2019: “We want a world where all people have equal rights and opportunities to live their lives, and not be constrained and oppressed by the state. Whether it is about gender, skin color, sexuality, profession, religion or other things, the state should not use it to divide us and mislead us while the profit from it.”

Autonom Infoservice:
“We are an autonomous libertarian media. For 12 years now we have continously published infos  about left radical and libertarian resistance worldwide. Our website is administrated by the mediacollective Autonom Infoservice. *NO JUSTICE – NO PEACE! At our stand on the book fair we will present historical and contemporary material such as posters, books, magazines, DVDs, brochures, which refer to the libertarian, autonomous and gender-feminist movements in Europe.”

Bogcaféen Barrikaden:
“Bogcaféen Barrikaden is Ungdomshusets anarchist bookcafé. We both have a comprehensive anarchist and leftradical library, as well as several books, zines, patches, merchandise, vinyls, posters and pins for sale”.

Bogcaféen Halmtorvet:
“Bogcaféen Halmtorvet is a café at Vesterbro that sells and lends out anarchist litteratur. The bookcafé opened at October 1st 2015, and have since then housed numerous events such as talks, meetings, exhibitions and debates. Bogcaféen Halmtorvet works as a platform and forum for anarchists of all kinds. The café is run non-hierarchical by volunteering activists.”

Bokkafé Angbett:
“Angbett means ‘damned’ in skellefte bondska [swedish dialect], and we are convinced that it is the damned people who change society. We are a socialist book café, which has existed in Umeå since December 2018. We organise talks, workshops and study groups, and we are a physical meeting place for the autonomous movement. “The most angry in town since 2018″.”

“Børnemagt er en bevægelse der siden 70’erne har påvirket venstrefløjen og samfundet omkring os, men lige nu I dagens 2019 har den brede befolkning mere en nogensinde før behov for børnenes stemme. Samfundet og børnene har behov for børnemagt. Alt for længe har vi lyttet til voxnes tomme ord og følt os magtesløse, på grundlag af noget så simpelt som et tal der har fået lov til at dikterer vores ret og muligheder. Nu har vi fået nok. Vi vil ikke tie mere. Så voxen fascister tag jer i agt, for her kommer det nye børnemagt!”.

Demos was founded in 1969 and “fights every any kind of turn to the right in the Danish society. The group works with documentation and information on right wing activities both nationally and internationally”.

Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag:
Det Poetiske Bureau (The Poetic Bureau) was founded in 2005, and have since then run a publishing bureau with independent releases and a bookstore in Møllegade at Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Among other things the danish anarchist books Anarkismens Tid (2017), I Caféen (2016), Hjernedynamit: Anarkistisk prosa fra Spanien (2015) og Lucio Urtubia: Revolution fra byggepladsen (2017) was published at Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag.

India Däck:
“India Däck is a socialist bookcafé, where you can buy coffee and café-food, lend leftradical literature and buy political merchandise. The bookcafé also make parties, movienights, talks, studygroups, exhibitions and other unifying activities”.

“The Climate Collective is a group of individuals working together to directly confront the underlying causes of climate change, though our actions and our words. We believe that climate change and the greater climate crisis is just one symptom of a larger problem, which is the capitalist system and the state, and is just one of the injustices and inequalities brought about by these economic and political structures”.

“Konfront is a unifying online media platform for and by the extra-parliamentary left. Konfront arises from and exists in and for the Danish radical left, and our common starting point is that we want a fundamentally different society that is socialist, feminist, diverse and equal”.

Liebig34, Rigaer94 and more:
“Liebig 34 is an anarcha-queer-feminist selforganized house project without cis-men located in Berlin. The house hosts the separate collectives infoladen „Daneben”, the event space L34 Bar and the anarcha-queer-feminist living-project. Like many other houses in east-Berlin (e.g. Rigaer94) Liebig34 was squatted in 1990 and shortly after legalized. End of 2018 our leasing contract has ended. The eviction trial will take place in the upcomming months since the landlord and city politics want to get rid of us until end of 2019. But we want to keep our house because we need and love it. What we started to build up here is not finished yet. We won’t leave without a fight.”

“You have reached re-mark, radical art lab, we love the art of creating and truly believe every single act in our lives has the potential to revolutionise”.

Red Deer Collective:
“Radical distribution of propaganda from the dirty south. Of the people – for the people. The Red Deer is Skånes landscape animal, where we have our base, and Red is because we are red (and black). Our ambition is to deliver a variety of sweaters, children’s clothing, stickers, pins, posters, books, scarves and more. We sell stuff we like, we reprint classics and we design our own stuff. All eventual profits go straight back into the business. Everyone who works in the collective is unpaid and activists!”

Revolutionære Antifascister:
From the political foundation of the AFU, RA and AFA’s joint May 1st Demonstration 2019: “We want a world where all people have equal rights and opportunities to live their lives, and not be constrained and oppressed by the state. Whether it is about gender, skin color, sexuality, profession, religion or other things, the state should not use it to divide us and mislead us while the profit from it.”
“ is the place where you buy your revolutionary gear, we have t-shirts, shirts, caps, scarfs, music and much more. We would like to show that it is possible to create a progressive counter culture without commercial considerations”.

Rojava Alliancen:
“The Rojava Alliance reaches out to all of you, who feel called to the practices which the experiment in Rojava aspire to and already represents: democratic confederalism, women’s revolution and a form of ecology, which could fertilize the earth for new life in this desert we call disaster capitalism”.

Svarta Posten:
“We are a small anarchist network based in Malmö who focus on prisoner solidarity and antirepression work, against prisons in whatever form they may take. We want to explore the ways we can practise solidarity in new ways outside the narrow definition of “prisoner” both within the milleu and beyond. Our main activities have been letter writing once a week, discussions, fundraising and solidarity actions. Anarchist Black Cross Malmö and Fånggruppen Syd has dissolved and together with other individuals formed Svarta Posten.”

Syndikalistiskt Forum:
The association Syndikalistiskt Forum was founded in 1980. “Our goal is to be an open bookstore and a meeting place for Gothenburg’s left in a broad sense. Our slogan is feminism, public enlightenment and class struggle, and this forms how we organize our activities.”

“visAvis is a magazine that focuses on migration and asylum, produced by people with or without citizenship living in Denmark. From our point of view the policies regarding migration and asylum are repressive. People seeking refuge are made suspect and migrants are made illegal. The asylum process has become almost impossible, life in the camps close to unbearable. This has serious, literally fatal, consequences for the individual persons. And for society as a whole this presents serious problems. The rule of law is being undermined and the public debate is loosing its nuance. In this precarious situation we wish to raise the level of debate, enhance the quality of information, and create a space where it is possible for people seeking asylum to express what is on their mind.”


Balder from Logik & Co. and Peter from Københavns Cykelkooperativ:
“Collective views on the workplace at the bookfair. Come hear their experiences with self-organization, social change and cooperatives in companies managed by the workers!”

BødeBanken – Organiseret Solidaritet: Collective responses to state repression
“Based on BødeBankens experiences as a financial support structure for the last 7 years we will facilitate a discussion on how we can collectively meet the state’s repression and how organized support structures can function as an opposing power.”

Det Bløde Rum, Support Group: The future of queerness and queer spaces:
“In this workshop the focus is going to be on creating safer spaces for queer people. Through presentation and dialogue we are going to explore what is important to consider when creating a space that is not only queer friendly, but fully accepting and inclusive of the broad and diverse queer community. Discussion topics:
– unconscious biases and privileges stemming from socialization 
– how to make a safer space accessible for everyone and avoiding the reproduction of white supremacist structures
– gatekeeping.”

Jacob Graack: Anarchist perspectives on pedagogy
“Can anarchism and pedagogy be united – or do the two things exclude each other? In my presentation, through various examples from near and far – contemporary and historical – I will try to illustrate how elements of anarchism can be traced in a number of pedagogical initiatives and ideas. I want to set up a discussion of whether and how particular (norm)critical and liberating pedagogical perspectives can qualify practice with inspiration from anarchism “.
Jacob Graack is a debator, activist and associate professor at Social Education (pedagogue).

Jean Thierry & Fatma Tounsi: Housing activists on housing for all:
“How can home for everyone be achieved and what obstacles are in the way? What are the roles of the state, the private market and the general housing associations?
Housing activists Jean Thierry and Fatma Tounsi discuss the path to housing and equality in housing conditions for all.”

KlimaKollektivet: Industrial agriculture, capitalisme, climate change and the Free the Soil campaign
“In this talk we take on industrial agriculture in a critical light, and discuss its relationships to capitalism and climate change. We focus specifically on the role synthetic fertilizers play in furthering industrial agriculture and climate change, and how they are used as oppressive tools within the capitalist system.
We then introduce the Free the Soil campaign, and talk about Yara, the largest synthetic fertilizer company in the world, which is owned by the Norwegian state, and the mass action to shut down their production facility in Germany in September.”

Revolutionære Antifascister: Antifascism and agitation: Perspectives on meatspace- and online-presence
Antifascism and agitation: Perspectives on meatspace- and online-presence
Revolutionary Antifascists will be present at the Anarchist Bookfair to give a talk on antifascism and propaganda, with a particular focus on the lessons learned from street-level antifascism, and how to apply this to online agitation. Our participation will take the form of a talk and a topical Q&A.

Seb Doubinsky: Award-winning writer on anarchism and sci fi
“Seb Doubinsky is an award-winning writer of political science fiction. His novels take place in a parallel world, very similar to ours, where city-states compete for power. In The Song of Synth, White City and Missing Signal, for example, he deals with the themes of political surveillance, social inequality, drugs, nazi ideology and fake news”.
Seb Doubinsky talks about his work as a political intrument and how his anarchist point of view helps him develop the themes of his novels.

Winnie: The postmodern anarchism
“Where is the anarchism today and what does anarchists want in a welfare society strongly rooted in a discourse fixated on the individual where “the worker” is replaced by “the citizen” and where thoughts on alternatives are being left to the youth movements?
The classical anarchism has its historic roots in a broad labor movement with a particular focus on decentralization of power. The first anarchist movements in Europe formulated among other things human rights, womens’s rights and children’s inviolability, general housing policy and the comprehensive school, and were the first to launch working- and livingcollectives, which we know today as cooperative associations, dairy associations and other cooperatives.
So what now? In the talk a thesis on the main issues of today’s, western anarchist movement will be represented and possible solutions will be drawn”.

Workshops Hacklab:
“FIREFUND’s activists invite to a hacklab – bring your computer or look over someone’s shoulder. We will drink coffee, have a chat and code ‘easter eggs’ for the website. Newbie or super coders, everyone is welcome to LAN-party!”

Nattsvart Verkstad: Screenprinting Workshop
Nattsvart Verkstad invites you to screen printing workshop, where you can learn how to print on clothes and print posters from scratch!
“Nattsvart Verkstad is a do-it-yourself workshop; an art studio, a sewing workshop, a bike repair workshop, a print workshop, a meeting space, a coffee room, a lecture hall, a gym, etc. The people who are using the space define what it is, how it needs to function, how it looks. If you come here, you are using the space”.

Meet and greet

Lars Troels Møller: The translator as an activist
Lene Tymoshenko: Author of På kanten i Berlin
Sébastien Doubinsky: Anarfchist and sci fi writer


All food and drinks will be vegan and to reasonable prices.